The values ​​that you have expressed in the field and those who have put on display in the team’s growth process.

He is among the lucky ones who did make it, but come into contact with death changes you forever. It makes you see the world through different eyes. Aristide, just recovered a bit ‘of energy, wanted to communicate with his friends and fans through Facebook. Thanks for the support and intention to return to the field as soon as possible, to return to business as usual. TALE – “I came home for two weeks.

Day after day I’m taking control of my life. I found all your messages of support and friendship. I owe my speedy recovery, your support has brought me a lot from the first day. I do not feel no anger or rage, only an infinite sadness for all the dead people around me, and elsewhere in Paris. My recovery is going well.

According to the doctors, I owe my life to my mental strength and my physical condition. In my opinion, I have to force my sister and my friends who have managed to keep me awake. I owe it to the great work of surgeons and miraculous presence of Serge Simon (ex pylon Stade Francais, and doctor who was nell’edifico above me).

I could never thank them enough. I am grateful to fate that avoided us an unfathomable tragedy. ” REFLECTIONS – “In these terrible times – Aristide continues through the company – I had very strong thoughts about my life choices, my Italian friends, my Italian family of Piacenza and Mogliano. My youth in Massy, ​​Massy the rugby club, my Parisian period, my studies at La Sorbonne, all the people who matter in my life. Everything has become even more important.

I wanted to live to be with you. The road is still long, but in a few months I will be on the field to 100% of my physical abilities. Meanwhile there are still so many tests, I’m ready, I’ll be stronger.

I’m happy to be alive. I love Paris more than ever. Love is stronger than death. Peace to all. Aristide “. Gasport

February 13, 2019 – Milan Less than 48 lost the final of the Italian Cup with Perugia, Civitanova is already back on a bus Modena destination for the race tonight in the Champions League. For Lube a final painful after caressed the taste of victory, 2-0 over and again in the fourth set, 19-17. Ferdinando De Giorgi what they say in these cases, since Monday night were already back in the gym? “There are two aspects on which to focus.

Obviously what the outcome: victory and defeat, but so much more you have to see what you carry. The values ​​that you have expressed in the field and those who have put on display in the team’s growth process. I believe that from this point of view we’ve shown as much.

Then it is normal that there is disappointment, bitterness for a trophy as the Italian Cup that has remained far only two points. If we look at the trend of the game I think it is fair to note that we played maybe even better. With all that sport is so, and I firmly believe it is right to congratulate Perugia.

A strong team must recognize that besides having played at the highest level, never gave up a centimeter. ” De Giorgi on his return to Civitanova with the patron Giulianelli (right) A demanding environment and successful as bears Civitanova as these final seven lost. “Excuse me, but I’m not at all agree. Let me explain: the news is journalistically. For the square I can also understand, but if we talk about the team, this group, no. Not so and I am sure even the guys not feel that way.

The Lube this season is an almost entirely new group that was formed in the summer and has a history of a few months of life. You can not bring back what happened last year. In sport it begins again: this team has two losses in the World Club against Trento in December. And of course on Sunday in Reno against Perugia.

And with these two it is called to deal. It is clear that I do not say to me that I got a month and a half. ” With an incredible calendar that has a very limited compared with the career and the health of the players already this evening Civitanova back on the field in the Champions Emilia, against another disappointment of the Italian Cup, Modena. “After they left us half a day to healthy depression (De Giorgi jokes, ed) there is also fortunate enough to start right away because beyond the frenzied schedule at least that’s good going back to the gym immediately let you think less what has happened, but more about what will happen. ” Although there’s a double-header against Azimut now and in the championship on Sunday evening in your home. “It will not be a walk.

But it will test. This is the life we ​​have chosen …. ” The bitter prize for second place Although in the Champions League you have of your first round? “But it’s a calculation that we can not do. To make the draw of the quarter-finals, the worst of the first 5 will be equalized to the three second, and then will have a much worse combination.

And we can not afford that. ” And as a technician must react? “Trying to be polished, to make an objective analysis. Like when you win you do not have to take the euphoria, when you lose you should not overdo the pessimism. It is not only dark and light.

Looking at the negative things done, then there are positive. The team is strong. And by the end of the year there are two very important goals to play. 1xbet live chat Civitanova there. ” Gian Luca Pasini  @ GianLucaPasini

17 March 2019 – McLaren Milan is changing strategy. It insistently speaks of the debut of a Grand Tourer: “A car suitable for daily use, with a high comfort on board and at the same time, with exciting performance,” said Mike Flewitt, managing director of McLaren Automotive.

And in any case are ready 1.35 billion Euros for the development of 18 new models, with particular interest in the powertrains of hybridization technologies through the setting of rechargeable hybrid systems to super-fast mode and a study in composite materials, through the new research facility McLaren Composites Technology Center. But waiting + arrived at the Geneva Motor Show the Spider 600lt, 600lt open version of the Coupé. GalleriaMcLaren LT 600 Spider supercar open air FAIR GENEVA Ferrari F8 Tribute close up view, that charm!  MONOCOQUE CARBON – The new “discovery” of Woking is built on the monocoque carbon MonoCell II, a solution that did not require developing additional reinforcements despite the removal of the metal fixed roof.

Another distinctive feature: the tailpipes placed high up on the queue. Suspension and aerodynamics of McLaren have been modified as the shock absorbers and the brakes. While losing the advantages of metal fixed roof presence, 600lt Spider guarantees the same downforce values. With 50 kg of weight compared to the coupe, McLaren 600lt Spider difference exploits the thrust of the 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine that delivers a power of 600 hp and a maximum torque of 620 Nm.

The supercar accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and from 0 to 200 km / h in 8.4 seconds, while the maximum speed is 324 km / h (315 km / h with the top down). ONLY FOR ONE YEAR – The 600lt Spider was launched in Italy at a price of 265,500 Euros, but will not be available for unlimited time since in 12 months will be removed from the market.

It is available at a price of 23,500 Euros, the MSO Clubsport package that introduces specific coatings for the interior, carbon seats (like the Seine), additional air intakes on the front fenders and the titanium bolts on wheels. With the MSO Clubsport Pack the 600lt Spider becomes lighter with a dry weight down to 1,297 kg. The touch of Italianness is given by R Trophy Pirelli tires to wrap the beautiful alloy wheels. Maurizio Bertera

September 16, 2018 – Milan Berlin Marathon, the company Kipchoge Building it in a minute will be state of a single power. Why Eliud Kipchoge, 33 year-old Kenyan, has shouldered a dream and gave many answers to all the sacrifices from today is the new record holder of the marathon, with a 2h01’39 ” that leaves no appeal to the earlier 2:02 a.m. primacy ‘ 57 ”, registered by compatriot Dennis Kimetto in 2014 and in the same path.

Kipchoge and world marathon record: numbers and curiosity on the Kenyan words – “I am very happy and grateful – told Eliud immediately after the race – not find the words to comment on the task completed. I was told that you can touch the record twice, not a third. They were right. ” Kipchoge has suffered in the last meters: “The final kilometers were on the firm side, but I was well prepared, the approach of the past weeks has been perfect and I can only thank my coach.” And with its gloss also he risks making the smiles record.

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